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New Year, New Kitchen and Bath!

bathroom remodeling, racine

A new year has come and some of you may have vowed to travel, lose some weight or quit smoking.  Maybe spend more time with family and friends in this new year.  Some of you may be thinking about a New Years Resolution for your home.

Some resolutions you may be considering might be:

Cutting down on Energy

Something that can pay off in the long run for you would be if you did something to help cut energy costs.  Replacing old windows with new Energy Efficient windows can do the trick.

Adding more space to  your home

Basement Remodeling, racine, Kenosha, Basement, Remodeling,

You can add additional space to you home in a number of ways.  Putting on an addition, or Remodeling your Basement or Attic can offer you more room.

Remodeling your Kitchen or Bathroom

Kitchens have become more then a place to prepare food.  It can become a place for family and friends to converse and spend time together.  Renovating a kitchen or simple additions like an island or nook can do the trick.

There are many ways your can improve or enhance your home.  The nice thing about this New Years Resolution is that you will be able to enjoy it for years to come.

Happy New Year!

Whether your project is large or small, Commercial or Residential, Brewer Contracting will give it the care and attention it needs.

Bathroom, kitchen, home, remodeling, waterproofing, Racine, Kenosha, Milwaukee, Lake bluff, IllBrewer Contracting

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Custom Remodeling

home remodeling

You want to have a custom remodeling job to convey your personality into your living space.

Home remodeling or any major home improvement project can’t just come out of the box.

Brewer Contracting will help you custom design your remodeling project from start to finish creating the results you have been dreaming about.  All on time and on budget.

Brewer Contracting has over 25 years of experience in the industry. We are highly skilled in a wide range of services. We have worked on the biggest of projects down to the smallest of needs. We hire only the most qualified employees who are professional, dedicated and complete every job with pride. We are aware of keeping costs in check and making sure every job is done in a timely manner.

Bathroom, kitchen, home, remodeling, waterproofing, Racine, Kenosha, Milwaukee, Lake bluff, Ill

Brewer Contracting
3420 Washington Ave
Racine, Wi 53405

It’s coming…..Hey Enjoy Winter In a Newly Remodeled Living Space!

remodeling, Racine, Kenosha

Not to put you into a depression, but winter is coming soon..  But for all those snowed in days that are coming, Wouldn’t it be great to spend your time in a newly remodeled living room, watching the snow come down through your newly installed and insulated Windows?

Got cold feet, take a bath in your newly remodeled bathroom and watch a movie in your brand new family or rec room in the basement!  Cabin fever can be much more enjoyable.