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We have many customers ask “Should I change the tub in my hall bath to a shower only because we never bathe in it, we always shower?  There are many things to consider.

Bathtub to shower conversion is popular for many households. Whether you are looking for a safer alternative to climbing over tall bathtub walls or simply want to create a more sophisticated style in your bathroom, Brewer Contracting can offer you the remodel you desire.

In the modern home, converting a tub to shower is becoming increasingly popular. Is it, however, “worth” it? After all, not only is this a large renovation project that will take time and money, but it will also include making permanent modifications to your current shower layout.

Investing in a tub-shower conversion may be well worth the effort for many homeowners.  Space savings is the biggest advantage of upgrading from an old-fashioned bathtub to a more modern shower system. Showers are far easier on square footage and give greater flexibility when designing around them.  Traditional baths take up a lot of space and can make tiny bathrooms feel crowded. Furthermore, replacing the tub with sleek new fixtures and finishes will offer aesthetic appeal like no other change can if you want to optimize style points while creating an open, airy ambiance in your shower area.

Improved Functionality

Say goodbye to substandard showering experiences and hello to increased functionality! With a tub-to-shower conversion, you’ll have more convenience and comfort.

There are multiple choices to enhance your new walk in shower design, ranging from additional storage space for soap and shampoo bottles to built-in shelves and caddies. If safety is also a concern, modern shower unit can provide peace of mind without losing aesthetics, with low entry thresholds, slip-resistant surfaces, grab bars, and integrated chairs. For a truly relaxing experience, a bathroom should cater to your every need. If you’re tired of climbing in and out of a bathtub for your showers, it might be time to consider a walk-in shower.

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