Basement Leaks

A leaking basement is an issue that is common in many homes.  Forces of nature and time are usually the main culprit.

Here are a few places you can look for water seeping into your basement.

Basement Walls. 

The most common place for a basement leak is a crack in a poured concrete basement wall.

Basement floors are thin layers of poured concrete, typically 2 – 4 inches in depth. They are there to provide a clean, solid base. The same pressure that forces water into the basement also presses upward on the basement floor and can cause it to crack.   When that happens, water can seep into the basement whenever the water table rises.

There is sometimes a small gap between the top of a foundation wall and the sill plate of the aboveground structure.  Water can run toward the house and enter the basement when improperly sloped decks and patios which can cause rain water to run towards the house instead of away.waterproofing, foundation repair, Racine, Kenosha, Milwaukee, Lake county, Milwaukee Waterproofing, Basement waterproofing

Concrete Bricks and masonry with weak porous areas.  Sometimes water can seep right through the concrete or masonry of the wall due to flaws in the materials.

It takes an experienced basement waterproofing contractor to diagnose the exact cause of your leaking basement.

Whether it is a issue with the inside or outside of your home, we can provide a free assessment of your particular issue.  Many big national companies will come in and over sell your needs.  Brewer Contracting will be sure to evaluate your water issue with honesty and integrity.

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