Common Signs of Foundation Problems

Recognizing signs of foundation problems early can save you from expensive repairs later.

  1. Cracks in the foundation, Walls and Floor –  If you spot cracks in your foundation, it could indicate that you have a shift occurring due to expanding and contracting soil.  This occurs even m0re in area’s like Wisconsin were the freeze thaw happens yearly.  Different types of cracks can tell how serious the situation is.   From Vertical and horizontal cracks to stair-step cracks.  Having cracks in your foundation doesn’t always indicate an issue with your foundation, but getting them addressed early is important as cracks will allow water to get into them causing them to become an issue.  Having a foundation professional inspect your cracks will help determine the severity and if there is any concern.
  2. Foundation settling or Upheaval – Over time, you may notice that one side of your house is lower then the other.  If your home is 2-3 years old, it is pretty common that tiny cracks will appear.  But if you can visually notice that one side of your home is lower then the other, you may want to have it checked out.  I isn’t uncommon for your foundation to move upwards, this is “upheaval” and is mostly caused by moisture.  Heavy rains may cause this and also frost,  but also plumbing issues could also be causing a leak of water under your slab foundation.
  3. Counters and Cabinets pulling away from the wall–  If you notice your countertops or kitchen cabinets tilting or pulling away from the wall, you may have a foundation issue.  If you notice that they are a half inch or more away from the wall, this can be a major issue.

This are simple indicators that may or may not show that you are having a foundation issue.  Having a qualified foundation specialist inspect your foundation will be the best way to determine if foundation repair is needed.


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