Kitchen Design To Accommodate Your Needs as You Age

As we age, it becomes increasingly important to consider how our needs in the kitchen may change.  Adapting your kitchen to accommodate aging is a wise consideration for ensuring safety and comfort. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Accessibility: Ensure that the kitchen is easily accessible without obstacles. This means wide pathways to move around, especially if mobility aids like wheelchairs might be necessary in the future.
  2. Lower Countertops: Install countertops at varying heights, including some lower ones to facilitate easy food preparation and access for those who may have difficulty reaching or bending.
  3. Pull-Out Shelves: Replace lower cabinets with pull-out shelves to avoid the need for bending or reaching deep into cabinets.
  4. Franklin wi Kitchen Remodling, Racine, Wi, Milwaukee,Easy-to-Reach Storage: Keep frequently used items within easy reach, avoiding the need to stretch or bend down. Install sliding or pull-down shelves in upper cabinets for better accessibility.
  5. Lighting: Ensure adequate lighting throughout the kitchen to prevent accidents. Install under-cabinet lighting and bright overhead lights to illuminate workspaces clearly.
  6. Non-Slip Flooring: Use non-slip flooring materials to prevent falls. Smooth surfaces like hardwood, laminate, or vinyl are easier to navigate compared to carpets or rugs.
  7. Grab Bars and Handrails: Install grab bars near the stove, sink, and any areas where support might be needed. Handrails along pathways can also provide stability.
  8. Easy-Grip Handles and Faucets: Replace knobs on cabinets and faucets with lever-style handles for easier operation, especially for those with arthritis or limited dexterity.
  9. Induction Cooktops: Consider switching to induction cooktops, which are safer because they don’t have open flames, and they cool down quickly, reducing the risk of burns.
  10. Smart Appliances: Invest in smart appliances with features like voice commands or easy-to-read displays for better usability.
  11. Accessible Sink Area: Ensure the sink is easily accessible, with knee space underneath if using a wheelchair, and install a single-lever faucet for easier temperature control.
  12. Clear Pathways: Keep pathways clear of clutter and ensure that rugs or mats are securely fastened to the floor to prevent tripping hazards.

By implementing these adjustments, you can create a kitchen that remains functional and safe as you age.

No matter whether your Kitchen Remodeling project is large or small, you should feel secure and confident in the team you pick to help you renovate your kitchen. Experience, diligence and a firm commitment to your complete satisfaction are just some of the ways your kitchen remodeling contractor and crew should go above and beyond your everyday “handyman” to get the job done right – on time and on budget.  That is the Brewer Contracting way.


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