Look for these options when replacing a window

If you are planning on replacing a window, or multiple windows in your home, there are options for you that will make you even more happy you did it.

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When you are replacing your home’s windows, you will want to make sure that the replacement windows have a sturdy frame with reinforce corners.  You also want to make sure that installer is using flashing instead of caulking to help keep water out.

windows, window installation, racineLook for quality hardware on the new windows and also consider easy to operate sashes.  Window construction these days allow you the ability to clean and maintain your windows inside and out by using tilting window sashes.

Remember these simple amenities while upgrading your windows.  A lot of people don’t really think about tilting window sashes or between-the-glass blinds when they are shopping for a new window.

Contact Brewer Contracting, before we install your new windows, we will help you pick out the windows that best fit your needs, and also help you decide on some of the additional amenities and options that are available to you so you can take advantage of them.




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