Moisture in Basements? There are many causes and solutions to this problem

It is a common problem to have a moisture problem in your basement.

Basements are more and more used as living and bedroom areas and having issues like Bathroom, kitchen, home, remodeling, windows, Racine, Kenosha, Milwaukee, Lake bluff, Illmold or mildew growing in damp carpeting and a health issue can occur.

The University of Minnesota Extension website helps explain the causes and fixes to moisture problems.


by John Cormody and Brent Anderson

Moisture problems in existing basements are very common, but often are not understood or properly treated. In a basement that is seldom used and separate from the living spaces above, this may not present a great problem. However, most basements in Minnesota are connected to the rest of the house through ductwork or other openings. In addition, basements are increasingly used as finished living and bedroom spaces. In these cases, moisture problems are not only annoying and uncomfortable, but can lead to significant health problems. Molds and mildew can grow in damp carpets and beneath wall coverings. Finishing a basement without first dealing with the moisture problems can result in making health conditions worse and lead to significant damage as well. Basement water problems are solvable, but there is a cost to doing it right.

Understanding the problem

To correct basement moisture problems, it is necessary to understand where the water is coming from, and what mechanisms permit it to enter the basement. There are just three sources of moisture:

  1. Liquid water from rain or ground-water.
  2. Interior moisture sources such as humidifiers, unvented clothes dryers, bathrooms, and cooking, as well as the moisture in concrete after construction.
  3. Exterior humid air that enters the basement and condenses on cooler surfaces.

Moisture is transferred from the outside of the building to the basement interior by four mechanisms:

  1. liquid water flow
  2. capillary suction
  3. vapor diffusion and
  4. air movement.

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