Most Durable Kitchen Flooring Options

Kitchen flooring can have a big impact on the look of your entire kitchen.

Depending on the materials you use, what kind of durability do these materials have.


Wood Flooring

Wood can be refinished multiple times and offers different colors and styles.

Issues- It can be more difficult to install, color changes with UV light and can dent from dropped items.  If not properly sealed, can stain from spills.

wood floor, contractor, milwaukeeEngineered Wood

Engineered wood is a lower cost wood flooring that also offers different color and style options.

Issues – Engineered wood can only be refinished once at best and can also dent easily and be damaged by spills.


Laminate can mimic most styles including natural materials like stone and wood.

Issues – Dents easily and once the top layer shows wear it needs to be replaced rather then refinished.


Vinyl can also mimic many natural materials like stone and wood.  Tough and durable.

Issues- Doesn’t look real up close


Linoleum mimics stone and wood among other materials.

Issues-  Although it mimics stone and wood as well as vinyl and is considered a more green option; the better vinyl can offer better scratch, stain and fading resistance at the same price.

Ceramic Tile

Material that has a variety of shapes, colors and styles, including wood and stone.

Issues-  Dropped items can crack ceramic tiles.  Grout can stain.



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