Remodeling for Aging Homeowners

As we get older, we may prefer to remain in our own homes as long as we can, or “age in place.” But to do that, many of us will need to make our homes safer and easier to navigate by making home modifications.   Home modification is the official term (taken from the Americans with Disabilities Act) for renovations and remodels geared towards the aged or the impaired. It means physically changing your home, removing potential hazards and making it more accessible, so you can continue living in it independently. Examples include anything from installing a shower bench to an entire ground-floor primary suite, so you don’t have to walk up and down stairs.

Home Modifications to Consider:

  • Installing handrails
  • Adding automatic lighting outdoors
  • Installing automatic push-button doors
  • Smoothing out flooring
  • Installing doorway ramps

Rooms to Consider:

  • Bathroom: Grab bars and railing, non-slip flooring, curbless shower, roll-in tub, shower bench
  • Kitchen: higher countertops, lever or touchless faucets, cabinet pull-out shelves
  • Bedroom: bed lower to the ground, non-slip floor, walk-in closets, motion-activated lights
  • Outside the house: ramps, porch or stair lifts, automatic push button doors
  • Throughout the house: well-lit and wider hallways and doorways, first-level primary suite, elevators or chair lifts, “smart” window shades/thermostats/lighting, simpler windows

More seniors are opting to age in place than ever before. This is driven by the rising costs of long-term care and a rapidly growing senior population as the Boomer generation ages. Technology and the availability of services, like home meal delivery and grocery shopping services, make it easier for seniors to remain in their homes independently.

The single-level living ranch-style homes offer can make aging in place safer and more comfortable. Here are some ranch-style home remodeling tips that can help keep homeowners in their homes much longer.

Open Up The Space

If your home does not feature an open concept, you can remove walls to open up the space making it easier to move throughout the space. Doors and hallways that are too narrow can be widened for wheelchair and walker access. Light switches can be lowered to accommodate someone in a wheelchair. Also, increase the width of the aisles in the kitchen to accommodate a walker or chair.

Install New Flooring to Prevent Slips, Trips, and Falls

To remain safe in the home as you age, consider replacing the flooring. Balance can become tricky, and comfort and safety are the rules of the day. The ideal material is soft, and floors should be easy to clean. Rubber floors are soft, comfortable, and naturally slip-resistant. Upgrade bathroom and kitchen flooring to slip-resistant tile or porcelain. Either tack down carpets or remove them to prevent tripping hazards.

Remodeling the Bathroom

The bathroom is another area where changes are needed to keep homeowners safer as they age. Either install a walk-in tub. A walk-in tub can function as a sit-down or stand-up shower and a deep soaking tub. Or ditch the tub entirely and opt for a roomy walk-in shower. It’s much easier to enter and exit. Make the space large enough to accommodate a walker, and add a bench, grab bars, and a hand-held shower head.

Replace the toilet and include a raised toilet seat. This can alleviate pain and make it easier for aging adults to use the bathroom. Keep essential items accessible. Use open shelving and look for cabinets with easy-close doors and drawers with d-shaped pulls. Lower the bathroom sink and make sure there is proper knee clearance. Avoid ceramic tile to reduce slipping.

Remodeling The Kitchen

There are many upgrades possible in the kitchen to make aging in place safer. Replacing your cabinets with drawers and pull-out shelves makes it easier to see and retrieve items without needing to bend down. Glass doors on upper cabinets can help you see what’s in them.


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