Sliding Patio Doors vs French Style Patio Doors

Two of the most common styles of patio doors are sliding and french style patio doors.  If you are unsure what style you want to go with, there are a few things to consider.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors work well when you are concerned space.  They work well because opening and closing sliding doors don’t require any and you don’t have to concern yourself with furniture getting in the way.  Locking these doors have also been improved so security isn’t an issue if you use the newer locking systems that are available.  One downfall with having sliding doors is that if you are moving large furniture or other items in or out of your home.  You will be limited with space as far as the size of opening you are able to create through a sliding door.

French Styled Patio doors

french doors, patioFrench styled patio doors will open and close the same way your regular doors open using hinges.  They do take a lot more space to use as the door swings inside and may hit furniture so you will need to allow space for this.  Unlike the sliding door, you will be able to allow a larger opening here if you need to move furniture and items in and out of your home.   Cost on french doors is also usually a little more then sliding doors.

It’s really up to you as far as how you want the look and feel of your home to be.  The most important consideration to be concerned about would be the space needed between your doors and how you, the home owner wants your home to look.



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