Wooden Deck and Patio Construction

A deck is the perfect place for outdoor entertainment,  choosing the right material is important for the look and also how long it will last.Deck construction, porch construction, Racine, Kensha, Milwaukee, Wi, Lake Bluff, Ill

Pressure-treated lumber. Pine that has been chemically conditioned to resist the elements and fungus, pressure-treated lumber is still the most commonly used decking material for homes.  Pressure-treated lumber is among the most affordable decking materials and easiest to install.  Pressure-treated wood is susceptible to splintering, warping and cracking and requires the most maintenance when it comes to decking materials. It is important to properly maintain it through regular cleanings and wood preservation.  Treating your deck every two years is recommended.

Rot-resistant woods. Some homeowners prefer woods, like redwood and cedar, that don’t have to be treated with chemicals and can be maintained easier.

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