Bathroom remodeling – Consider walk-in bathtubs for seniors

Are you a senior considering a bathroom remodel soon?  During a bathroom remodel, one thing that is often overlooked is the ability to replace your current bathtub with a walk-in bath tub.

The use of a walk-in bathtub is a great option if you are considering a bathroom remodel and you are in your senior years or suffer from some sort of disability that can affect your mobility.   Walk-in tubs are designed to satisfy the needs of seniors, the disabled, handicapped or anyone with mobility challenges.walk-in tub, bath tubs, bathroom remodeling Statistics say that falls occur in your bathroom more often than in any other room in your house. The Center for Disease Control tells us that two-thirds of bathroom injuries happen near your tub or shower. Usually they happen when you step over your tub wall, or slip on a wet floor, or when you lean on a glass door that wasn’t designed to support your weight. It’s another fact of life that these bathroom injuries increase significantly after you turn 65. This is often when your eyesight starts to fade, and you have less mobility and balance. The bottom line? One in three adults over 65 experience falls each year.

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