Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for Your Next Bathroom Remodel

If you plan on renovating your bathroom, consider making a few changes to improve the functionality and comfort of your bathroom.

Textured Tile Shower Floor

bathroom remodleing, shower remodeling, racine, kenoshaSafety is important and choosing a textured shower tile will keep your feet from slipping when the floor is wet.  Nowadays, bathroom tiles are much easier to clean and the grout that is used sitarist mold, stains and humidity.

Don’t use the bathtub?  Install a shower instead of the shower tub combo.

A bathtub isn’t a necessity if you never take baths.  Remember, you are using this bathroom for the coming years so lets install what you really are going to use.  If you like to take baths, go ahead and install a tub/shower combination but if not you’re much better off installing a large shower.

Enhance Your Storage

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It goes without saying that most bathrooms don’t have enough storage.  The more storage the better, you now as well as we do that you will use it.  Recessed cabinets and open shelves can do wonders.


The vanity, Tub and shower areas all require different lighting choices.  A lot of older homes will have a light fixture in the ceiling and maybe one by the vanity.  Updating your light fixtures and placement can completely change the entire feel of the room.

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