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Best Flooring For Kitchens

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You can remodel your entire home, yet did you ever notice that whenever you have gatherings with friends and family, everyone gathers in the kitchen.

The kitchen gets used daily, family dining, food prep and lots of other activities.  Your kitchen is exposed to moisture from cooking, ice makers, washing dishes, wet shoes and spills so when choosing flooring for your kitchen, waterproofing is important.

Many kitchens are also used as the entry point from the outside, dirt and other debris come along with moisture from family, visitors and pets.  Brewer Contracting will help you Come up with a durable, waterproof, no slip kitchen floor that is pleasing to the eye at fits all your needs.

Laminate Floors

Laminate flooring has long been a less pricey way to get the hardwood look with out the hardwood cost.  Currently, there is laminate flooring made of waterproof material that can over come any moisture issues.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors have always been a popular choice with homeowners, Solid hardwoods combined with the proper finish can be water resistant and still be stylish and durable like they have always been.  Different finishes and designs are available for your choice of color and finishes are available to help with traction.


Wet areas like kitchens have long used tile flooring as the best option.  You can have your choice of Ceramic or Porcelain tile.  Both can handle stains and spills with almost no worry about waterproofing.  Finding slip resistant tiles may be something to look for in high traffic areas.

Natural Stone

Stone Tiles are a lot like ceramic and porcelain tile but require a little more care.  Stone tile will need to be sealed and re-sealed regularly but they do offer natural tones and colors and are very strong and durable.



Basement Wall Insulation

Basement Remodeling, racine, Kenosha, Basement, Remodeling,

Installing basement wall insulation will almost always save you money through lower energy bills.  An additional benefit to insulated basement walls is that they are less susceptible to condensation and mold.  Basement Remodeling, Racine, Kenosha, Basement, Remodeling

It is important to make sure that your basement doesn’t have any water problems before installing any interior wall insulation.  If you have noticed any water problems, they need to be addressed before hand.  There  are many ways to insulate your basement using different insulating materials, but the use of fibrous insulation like fiberglass, mineral wool or cellulose can be a problem if they are used against a below grade concrete wall and have been known to allow moisture in the air to condense and lead to moisture problems.

Brewer contracting can assess your basement and come up with the right insulation method.  We are also able to check and repair any water leak issues before insulation is installed.