Egress Windows and Basement Remodeling

Do I need an Egress Window in my basement?

If you are planning on a basement renovation, you would expect the local building codes to require an egress window be added to your basement.  When adding a living space to the basement of your home, the need for an egress window is because of the added safety it brings by giving you an additional exit in the case of an emergence.  With the possibility of your basement stairs being blocked by fire or debris, it is a good idea to have one.

Most older homes do not have an egress window, so the idea of cutting a large opening in your basement wall can sound like a difficult and expensive job, leaving you without the added living space, and even added light brought on by a newly remodeled basement and larger window.

Fortunately, it isn’t an expensive investment.  While some may feel that they can try it themselves to save a few bucks, it may be a better idea to have a professional basement renovation specialist do it for you to be sure that all of the code requirements are addressed and that the installation is proper.

There are many options available for you to chose from so the added egress window will not only add safety, but also add additional light and enhance the look of your new living space.


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