Kitchen Remodeling, making a small kitchen larger.

If you have a small kitchen and want to maximize your space, there are many design tricks to help with this.

Kitchen Remodling, Racine, Franklin, Wi, Milwaukee,From layout designs to color, you can create a more spacious feel to your kitchen area.  White is your friend, keeping dark colors to the base cabinetry and light colors to the upper parts of the space will create a more “airy” feel.  Using shelves instead of cabinetry will open up visual space and using free standing furniture that have legs creates an illusion of space that also allows you the option of being able to move the furniture around allowing you to maximize the kitchen space you have.  Windows and reflective backsplashes help also, if you are able to, remove the drapes and the natural light created will also open up your kitchen space.

There are also other options available, Brewer Contracting has kitchen design experts who can also design a kitchen that isn’t just visually larger, but actually is larger.  Adding space by removing existing walls are available should it be available.  There are many options available to homeowners looking to remodel their kitchen and increase their kitchen space.  Our kitchen experts will help you come up with options available that will fit your budget and make your dream kitchen a reality.

New Kitchen With Island – White- Racine Kitchen Remodeling

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