Remodeling in the winter? Of Course

With cold weather moving in, being stuck inside is a perfect excuse for starting a home improvement project.

Without vacations, outdoor activities and all the other warm weather distractions, homeowners can find this time to get more home improvements accomplished.  Here are a few ideas that can be fast improvements over the winter that can help you deal with cabin fever.

Kitchen Remodeling

With prices that can decrease in the winter, and availability also being better.  Adding an island or new kitchen countertops can be done quickly and wont break the bank.  With such a simple project,  you can create a huge change to the overall look of your kitchen.  Complete kitchen renovations can take advantage of a quicker turnaround in the winter and better availability in the winter of materials. From a few small touch-ups to a major kitchen renovation.  Brewer Contracting will be with you from start to finish in your kitchen remodeling project.  From design to finish.

Renovate the Basement

The basement is an area of your home that you can remodel without opening up your home to the elements.  Installing new lights, flooring, or a complete basement renovation can add additional living space to your home and add more function, like a gym, playroom, office, bedroom or living room space.  The team at Brewer Contracting specializes in basement remodeling projects. One call to us, and you’ll be on your way to having all the space you could ever need!

Bathroom Remodeling

Like Kitchens, bathroom remodeling requests occur mostly in the summer.  Having it done in the winter can increase availability for it to be done quicker and materials can be more available to be used in the winter.  While, this isn’t a living space, it is an area of your home that is used often.  From plumbing to tile and everything in between Brewer Contracting is your source for upgrading your bathroom big or small.

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