Protecting Your Hardwood Floor From Winter Damage

In order to preserve your hardwood floor, it needs constant cleaning and protection.

Especially during the winter months.  Dirt, water and dry air can damage the wood.  Even though winter is almost over, it is a good idea to keep an eye on protecting your hardwood floors.wood floor, contractor, milwaukee

Moisture – Water can cause major damage to wooden floors.  Warping and discoloration can occur along with mold and mildew.  Regular cleaning will help as it will pick up the moisture and dirt at the same time.

Dirt -Salt and dirt can damage your floors chemically and also physically scratching them.  Floor mats will help and the good ol’ no shoes rule is a big help.  Place a floor mat where people can take their shoes off and remember to clean your pets paws when they come into the house.  Their paws may be smaller then ours but remember, they have 4 of them!

Dry air – Indoor heating causes your home to become very dry, this is when the wood will dry out and shrink causing cracks and gaps to appear.  Getting a humidifier for your home can help.

It also doesn’t hurt to give your hardwood floor a good polish.  Natural products are best and it will offer some protection from those who don’t follow the “no shoes rule”.  We know who they are.

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