Spring Home Improvements

Spring is upon us, here a a few money-saving home improvements that can help save you money.  Right now is a good time to get these done!

Inspect and repair your roof. Spring is the time to get out on the roof to check for ice, hail or water damage from the past winter (or winters). Repairing minor damage can be a quick fix, and staying on top of your roof’s condition can save you money by avoiding water damage and more costly repairs in the future.

Re-caulk windows and doors. You might have caulked your doors and windows before the winter chill set in. Unfortunately, even the best caulk can harden, crack and shrink when it’s cold outside. So check your windows and doors, and replace as needed.

Clean your gutters. This can be a chore for many, but it’s important.  Water doesn’t properly pass through clogged gutters. And that means more water gets near the foundation of your home. This may not cause immediate problems, but over time, too much water near the foundation can cause damage creating an expensive repair.

Clean the dryer vent, your dryer is less efficient with a lint-filled vent. Even if you clean the lint trap before every load of laundry, you’ll still get some lint in the vent hose, which builds up over time.

Check the washing machine hoses. Over time, washing machine hoses can crack, which can cause leaks. Sometimes, these inconspicuous leaks go on for weeks or months unnoticed, usually because the washer is pushed back into a corner. This can cause mold problems, water damage and more.

Feel free to contact us with any spring repair or remodeling services that you may need.

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