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Get Your Patio Ready For Summer

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After this long winter, you might be ready to start enjoying that warmer weather that is coming.  Right now is the time to schedule us to build that new patio you have been dreaming about over the winter.  Is your current patio or deck in need of a repair?  Give us a call!

Patio and Deck Repair – Does your wooden deck need repairs?


Snow thaw brings basement leaks. Racine Basement waterproofing

Racine waterproofing, waterproofing, Kenosha, racine, basement waterproofing

Even a little bit of snow melt can account for thousands of gallons of water around your foundation.  Water pressure and a higher water table in the spring can make your foundation vulnerable to leaks.

Brewer Contracting offers specific Waterproofing solutions, not the standard “One size fits all” approach.

Remember to start with the premise that water seepage is not the problem, it is a symptom of the problem. Water seepage occurs through cracks or openings in the walls or the result of non or poor functioning drainage.

By taking a problem solving approach Brewer Contracting offers our customers a peace of mind that comes from receiving an honest evaluation and the proper repair specific to their situation.

 Whether it is a issue with the inside or outside of your home, we can provide a free assessment of your particular issue. Many big national companies will come in and over sell your needs. Brewer Contracting will be sure to evaluate your water issue with honesty and integrity.

Does your basement leak in the winter?

basement waterproofing, racine, milwaukee, kenosha

Basement leaks don’t just occur during rain storms.  During the winter months you may also notice a basement leak.

Moisture doesn’t always come from rain.  Snow and ice accumulate around our homes and you may not notice it, but your basement can radiate heat causing the snow around it to melt.   With the frozen soil outside, the moisture can build up as it is trapped between the walls of your basement and the frozen soil outside.  Enough pressure caused by the trapped moisture can force it through tiny cracks in your walls and into your basement.

Is your Sump Pump working?

Sometimes a faulty sump pump can be the culprit.  Sump pumps can fail at any time.  Most commonly noticeable during the summer months because we seem to pay more attention to it during rain storms.  A faulty sump pump can go unnoticed and slowly fill the sump pit without you noticing it.  Failure could be simply an old sump pump or frozen drainage lines.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains can cause a backup of water in your pipes eventually overflowing back into your basement.  While it may not seem to happen often, your lines and even municipal sewer lines can freeze up and cause your basement to back up.

Contact us and we can help with any basement leak issue that you may be encountering.

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