What to think about when remodeling your bathroom

Thinking about remodeling your bathroom?  Wow, where to start.

There’s flooring, wall tile, no wall tile, lighting, painting, accessories, framed shower or frameless shower.  Or maybe you want a bathtub, or a bathtub and a shower.  The possibilities are endless.  Lets not forget about budget and material availability.  Then hiring a contractor who can put these ideas into reality.

Say no more.

Bathroom Remodeling

Brewer Contracting can help you on your next bathroom remodeling project.  From design through construction in the Racine, Milwaukee, South Milwaukee, and Franklin areas.  Before any sink or tub is installed, we will guide you through the designing process and help you consider options that you may not have even considered.  Depending on the people using the bathroom, options can be different when you consider if there are children, Senior citizens, or people with disabilities.  This will help with the functionality of your remodeled bathroom.  Simple additions like a second sink for additional children, a walk in bathtub for seniors, or moving the toilet so it is more accessible for those with disabilities.  Brewer Contracting has over 25 years of experience in Bathroom remodeling and we will incorporate this functionality into the design of your bathroom remodel and bring your dreams into reality.

Sometimes, it isn’t a bathroom remodel you are looking for.  Instead, you are looking to just update your shower or bathtub.

Shower Remodeling

Something as simple as replacing the glass door or installing new tiles in the shower are quick and easy ways to improve the functionality of your bathroom while also offering it a new look. Discussing with us who is going to be using the shower will help us come up with the options that you may be looking for.  A big change can mean having an new shower enclosure.


Shower Enclosures

Bathroom Remodeling, Racine, Kenosha, Milwaukee, Franklin, Wi, Northern Ill
Bathroom Remodeling

Walk-in Showers- Walik-in showers are flush with the floor without a tub attached in one unit.  Having no glass doors, it is more accessible for wheelchairs.

Frameless – Frameless enclosures use strong glass enclosures that do not use metal framework to support the edges.  If you have tile or stone in the shower, it offers the homeowner a way to showcase them.

Simi-frameless –  Same as a framless enclosure but utilize a metal structure for the shower but keeps the door portion frame free.  This helps for homeowners who want the same look as a frameless enclosure with a smaller budget.

Framed- The traditional option that uses frames for support of the shower and shower door.

Double – These showers have to shower heads usually on opposite sides of the shower.

Curved Shower Enclosures – Great for smaller bathrooms and usually in the corner of the room.  The curved glass adds space to the inside of the shower and offers a really neat appearance.

Tub Style Enclosures – This is the most common option yet.  Having both bathtub and shower fixtures available and able to accommodate a glass door or shower curtain.


Bathtub Remodeling

walk-in tub, bath tubs, bathroom remodelingIf you are looking for a bathtub replacement, you again have a lot of options to choose from.

Alcove tubs – Installed directly into the bathroom wall.  Great choice for space and cost savings.

Shower/tube combo – As it says, this is a tub, usually an alcove tub and shower allowing baths and showers

Freestanding tub- This tub doesn’t need to be attached to a wall and can be placed anywhere in your bathroom as long as space allows.

Soaking tub – Deeper wider tub that allows you to completely submerge underwater.

Massage tubs –  Whirlpool jets massage and relax you.


bathroom remodeling, racine, bathroom, contractor, RemodelThese are just a few of the options available to you when you are considering a bathroom remodel

Bathroom lighting, toilets, vanities and countertops.  We will help with the design and install of you new bathroom renovation.

Brewer contracting will work with you every step of the way.

You can see some past Brewer Contracting Bathroom remodeling projects here.



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